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PI Jane: Gold Coast Private Investigators

At PI Jane we have your back. We care about you and want to hear your concerns. We look into them discreetly and either give you the peace of mind to let it go or the evidence you need to take action or move on with your life. We are an all round agency, we can help with questions of infidelity, legal matters, background checks, and family matters. We do it all safely and legally. Our years of experience in the field have allowed us to hone our skills to complete jobs with the utmost professionalism and discretion.


  • Surveillance
  • Insurance and Workcover Investigations
  • Fraud and Criminal Investigations
  • Infidelity Investigations 
  • Missing Persons and Background Checks


Meet us in whatever environment you need

We don’t mind how we meet, a private location, our office, your office, a coffee shop. Whatever you need to make sure the whole process is private and comfortable.

In a no pressure environment you can tell us what your concerns are. We can work together and tell you if it is legal or even ethical to pursue it further.

We work with you to fit your budget

Whether its a once off contract or continual monitoring your situation requires we can work with you on the budget.

You will receive a detailed plan for the observations that we will be making and you will know the time frames we will keep.

Our investigations are thorough, accurate and relevant

We gather information that can be used in a court of law if it is neccessary.

We ensure that the data we discover is legally obtained, accurate and truthful.

We don’t take things at face value

We analyse the evidence and ensure that what we are reporting on is accurate and reliable.

We don’t connect dots that aren’t there. We won’t make unreliable leaps in our reasoning for dramas sake. We want to give you the information that you can rely on and believe in. Even when there is nothing to be found you can rest assured that we have been thorough and given you the piece of mind you need to breath easy.

A report you can rely on

You will attend a final meeting with us and receive a professional and discreet report of our findings.

All of the items reported on will be ethically and legally obtained. So you can rest assured whatever the findings are.


Your privacy is paramount, but we want you to hear some of the things we’ve heard back. Names have been changed to protect their identities.


Pi Jane is a brilliant and resourceful investigator who goes above and beyond for her clients. Her commitment to uncovering the truth, combined with strategic expertise, makes her a standout in the field of private investigation. Highly recommend!



Gold Coast, Queensland


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